Friday, October 14, 2011

Sentimental Ornaments

I have so many sentimental ornaments with precious memories attached to them.  This little pretty came to me today from my Grandma's possessions.  She has been gone for 30 years.  My uncle passed away recently and this was in the attic of their home:

Isn't she pretty?

So Victorian!

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  1. Hi Amy,
    What a fabulously intricate ornament, but what makes it so very special is the fact that it was your very own grandma's trinket. I'm sure it will now be a treasured Christmas heirloom from this year forward. How blessed, even after all these years.

  2. You are so right, a pretty face and so sweet! And Maureen is right, what makes it so special is that it was your Grandma's. What a nice surprise for you!

  3. A delightful surprise! Thanks for stopping by Cheryl!

  4. So wonderful to have something of your grandma's to cherish at Christmastime! She's very lovely indeed.

  5. She's beautiful and isn't it something how long an ornament lasts! What a treasure! I can only hope that when I'm gone that my children take very good care of my Christmas things and cherish them as much as I do. They both know how much I love Christmas. I have things from many many years ago.

  6. I know my children will take good care of my ornaments/decorations when I'm gone. They love them as much as I do...well I hope so!