Monday, October 3, 2011

Christmas Angel

My aunt brought over this painting for me yesterday.  Can you see the Christmas tree over on the right side of the photo?  This is my Christmas angel.  Michelle was born one late Christmas Eve.  On Christmas Day we found out she had a severe, complex congenital heart defect.  I had 5 1/2 wonderful years with her.  Today is the anniversary of her passing.

After she died, Christmas was a bittersweet time for me.  I grieved deeply as one does after the loss of a beloved child.  As the healing began, I embraced Christmas - the birth of our Savior and as  the celebration of her life. 

Yes, I am still sad.

Yes, I still miss her.

Our Savior was born so that none will die.

All who believe will know everlasting life!

And I rejoice that my Christmas angel waits for me...


  1. It's wonderful that we can hope in our risen Saviour to raise up our loved ones who we will always hold in our hearts.

  2. There is really nothing more comforting!

  3. This makes me very sad. I could not imagine going through the loss of a child. I get tears just thinking about it. I'm sure you cherished every moment with her. Some day you will be with her again.

  4. Dorothy, I sure did cherish every moment - even the difficult ones. I live with patient expectation and look forward to our joyful reunion!