Friday, October 21, 2011

Remember These Christmas Trees?

I only have a vague recollection of aluminum Christmas trees with a rotating color wheel but I remember wanting one as a very small child.  The colors fascinated me and left a life-long impression.

Source: None via Mary on Pinterest

And now what was old is new again!   I can buy one brand new!

Though I probably wouldn't with ebay and all.

I asked my hubby if he would mind if I displayed one in our home.

Much to my surprise (he rarely denies me something I REALLY want),  I got an emphatic NO.

And that was enough. I'll just make myself happy admiring them on Pinterest


  1. I do remember these trees! We thought they were the greatest thing going back then! Now today, that's what they are, a memory, unless you can find one somewhere, but I kind of got a giggle that your husband gave you a no on having one. Have a great weekend!

  2. My aunt and uncle had an aluminum tree and one of those wheels that shone colored lights on the tree...It all seemed to chic at the time. In 2007 I found a 2.7 foot aluminum tree at Home Depot for just $12. I've decorated it with vintage ornaments. Here is a link to one post:

  3. I don't remember seeing any aluminum trees growing up, but sometimes when regular trees (real or artificial)are so filled with old fashioned tinsel, they look like aluminum trees.
    Messing cleanup though, and not a great idea if you have cats. I wish I could put loads of tinsel on my tree, but with two cats in the house, they tend to eat it. Really bad for them.
    Have a great day, Amy!

  4. I do have a cat and also miss putting tinsel on my trees. My dog eats tinsel too :-( I guess I'd rather keep my beloved pets and forgo tinsel. I just look for other ways to give my trees some bling!