Saturday, October 22, 2011

Holiday Reading Recommendations?

As an avid reader, I'm always sad during the Christmas season because I have no time to read.  This year is going to be different.

For the first time in two decades, I am not having house guests for the holidays.  My in-laws generally come and stay for two or more (usually three)  weeks.  While I dearly love them, I find it quite exhausting because

  •  I like everything done before they arrive so I can enjoy them
  •  Entertaining is a LOT of work - work that I love but work
  • I have no down time

In a feeble attempt to fill the hole left by their absence, I'm looking for some good holiday reading recommendations.  I've read the Christmas Box by Richard Paul Evans.  Other recommendations?


  1. Have you read A Cup of Christmas Tea and its sequel, A Remembrance of Christmas Tea? I've enjoyed re-reading these heartwarming stories.

  2. Thanks Carrie! I'll look into your suggestions!

  3. You could find classics (A Christmas Carol, Little Women, etc.) to read on the internet. All I do is google whatever book I want to read and see if it's available on the internet. It's not the same as reading a real book but the story is there. Just a thought.

  4. Thanks Cheryl! I do love reading the classics during the holidays. I miss reading my girls our collection of childrens Christmas stories. Hey, maybe I'll get them out and read them for my own pleasure!

  5. Debbie Macomber writes a Christmas novel every year. They are good. I also like Melody Carlson's Christmas books, she writes one each year too.

  6. Vicki, Funny thing you mentioned Debbie Macomber - I downloaded 2 of her Christmas books after I wrote this post! I'll be checking out Melody Carlson tonight. Thank you so much!

  7. Have you seen the movie? It was a TV movie and there are 2 sequels to the book. I beleive they were all made into movies. I know I have 2 of them....


  8. No, I haven't seen that movie...over to Netflix I go!