Friday, October 7, 2011

The Planning Begins - Cookies!

Well, the planning begins inside my wee imagination!  This is last year's cookie extravaganza.  Did you know most cookies freeze well for three months?  Last year I made fifteen (I think) different Christmas cookies.  Who knows what this year will bring but it's time to begin!

So, I'm dreaming of Christmas cookies.  Can't wait to fill my house with the aroma of Christmas baking!

I'm linking to Deck the Halls Friday hosted at  Tinsel & Company


  1. Amy,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today and joining my party! Your cookies look so yummy and I LOVE your Santa plate, Fitz & Floyd? I am in the mood to bake!

    Best wishes,

  2. The plate is so full it it's hard to see but it is Fitz & Floyd - another gift from my sweet hubby!

  3. Amy, I see you already have my Christmas blog posted on your blog!! Thanks!! I should have scrolled down a bit more...


  4. Debbie, Thanks for stopping by! I do so love your blogs!

  5. Those cookies look really yummy! I have to admit I'm not a baker..:-( I always order a lovely cookie tray from a lady that makes very delicious cookies! It took a while for me to find someone who actually makes tasty ones, but now that I have, it was worth the wait! I envy those who can find the time to do all the baking, and as for the aroma, I'm sure it's divine, but I have to settle for the spicy scent of my candles. LOL!