Friday, September 30, 2011

Christmas Inspiration

I had a closet disaster recently.  In cleaning up the mess this week, I found this miniature (1:12 scale) sleigh.  Having no recollection of its purchase, it filled me with delight! I pulled out Santa for a quick pic.

Perhaps its not too early to decorate the dollhouse???

I'll be linking to Deck the Halls Friday hosted by Tinsel & Company

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Christmas Excitement Begins

So it's mid September and the stores are beginning to stock Christmas items.  Catalogs are coming in the mail filled with ideas for gifts and Christmas decorations and we haven't experienced Halloween and Thanksgiving....

Ideas begin to fill my thoughts - Christmas cookies, holiday foods and Christmas trees!

I am obsessed with all that Christmas is - keeping Advent, celebrating the birth of Christ and the Twelve Days of Christmas.  Such a joyous time of year needs preparation.  Preparation of my heart (Advent), preparation for the celebration (Christmas and the twelve days that follow) and filling my house with light, warmth and love.  The Love born and Christmas lives in my heart all year round and I'm ready to begin thinking about how we are going to celebrate!

These books come in the mail every year.  They are an indulgence and I pour over them for new ideas for crafts and holiday cooking.  I really wish they didn't come so early but they do and I start to get excited!

I just can't help myself!  I find myself checking ebay for finds.  I see Christmas blogs coming alive but I know I must be patient.

So, I think about how much I dislike shoveling snow and below zero weather.

...And I started this blog so I can live out my obsession and write about my thoughts - all the while being patient....or not.