Sunday, December 11, 2011

Vintage Santas

What a busy week! I have had a series of unavoidable events (including the demise of my laptop) which have kept me from blogging but I thought I would share my finds for the week.

 Aren't they adorable!

I can't decide which one is my favorite

I love them all

But this one is especially cute

And the boots!

Hopefully, I'll have my laptop fixed soon and I'll

be back to visiting your blogs

I sure miss surfing my Christmas blogs...


  1. Hi Amy,
    Sorry to hear about your computer problems. I hate when that happens, as my computer is my left arm! :)
    These Santas are adorable, so very cute. Love his boots too.
    Have a wonderful week.

  2. The Santas are adorable and the boots. I am pretty sure I have some of those boots that I have not unpacked for a few years - it's time for them to make an appearance next year.

  3. I love your Santas!! What wonderful finds! Cute little faces! Those boots look like fun, I can picture a little Christmas tree sitting in them. Cool!

    Take care, Amy.

  4. What cute Santas! It's hard to be without our computers, isn't it? We are so dependent on them now... hope yours is fixed soon!

  5. It's funny but I've been too busy to worry much about my laptop - any other time of the year I'd be beside myself! It will take at least a week to get my beloved computer back :-(

    These Santas make me smile though!

    Cheryl, I love the idea of putting trees in the boots - little bottle brush tress I'm thinking!

  6. I came ...
    I liked a lot ... ...
    Yes, I will return ...

    Peace ... harmony ... health ... success ... every day!

    A kiss of Nita.
    Good morning ...:)

  7. Your Santas are adorable and the sparkle in the tree skirt snowflakes add just the right background.

    Visiting from Sundays with Santa, Debra