Sunday, December 4, 2011

Decorating for Christmas

I'm behind but I'm not stressed!  The decorating always gets done.

This is my helper - she loves the lights...and getting in the way in general

She loves dangling ornaments and is known to remove as many as she can reach

And chase them across the house.

Who knew I would start a Christmas blog and have so little time to blog.

My work for tomorrow...

Delivering St. Nicholas gifts for the children at the seminary

my husband graduated from a few years ago.

A long day in the car...

Not stressed, but blessed!


  1. How wonderful Amy! We volunteered for Thanksgiving and had a great time. My girls both asked if we could do it again next year. The best part was seeing their happy faces and all of the hugs! Glad you are not stressed and feeling blessed :-)

  2. It is quite a gift to serve others! I'm so glad I had this opportunity to serve those learning how to serve Christ and His children on earth!

  3. Great post, Amy!! Sweet helper you got there! Blessings all the way around when we give!

    Take care.