Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Teen Bathroom

The inspiration began here:

My sweet hubby bought these for me in the spring drastically marked down

They live in the bathroom year-round

See them in the background?

Kind of wild and funky but I love them!

And they seem perfect for my teenager's bathroom.

One tree in gold and angels

The other in silver and snowmen

They bring a smile to my heart every morning as I sip my coffee!


  1. How nice!! Pretty colors for sure! Your teen must love it. I know I would.

    Take care, Amy.

  2. The so cheerful trees made me smile too! I am sure your teen loves seeing them in the morning, such a sweet wake up.
    Thanks for vising me and leaving such a nice comment.

  3. My college student, Kiera who is 19, came home last night LOVED these trees!

    Thanks for stopping by ladies!